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Dear Patients,

We wanted to be open and share with you our attempts to find a new site for Elm Tree Surgery.


Responsibility for having adequate primary care estates falls to the ICB. However in reality the practice is involved in trying to offer solutions as we are the ‘boots on the ground’.

Elm Tree Surgery has a historic problem with the building and despite repeated attempts to find a solution none have been forthcoming. We have approached a number of landowners but are hamstrung by the rent reimbursement that the NHS offers getting nowhere near what a residential developer can afford. Most developments of new GP surgeries happen due to s106 monies (aka developer contributions). However  s106 is decided at the time of planning permission and has to be applied by the ICB (previously NHS England or CCG). As the relevant NHS authorities did not submit a S106 for health when the planning many years ago for the current large developments at Cross Trees Park this is not an avenue we have open to us.


We have explored a number of options over the last 10 years including land owned by local organisations and the MoD. With regard to the MoD our MP David Johnstone has written on our behalf to the minister responsible for MoD estates in May 2022 and May 2023. Unfortunately the reply back has consistently been that any land disposed of by the MoD has to be in a way that is best value for the tax payer, this is usually achieved by sale on the open market. We are not eligible for special treatment.

As mentioned, the amount the NHS reimburses GP practices for their premises is not enough to compete with residential developers when bidding for land. The current rates of reimbursement can make it difficult to fund a building currently even if the land were free!

Recent Events

Taking all the above in to account the partners submitted an offer in to purchase the Shrivenham primary school.  This we thought could be used with minimal adaptation and cost compared with a new build and allow us to keep the surgery in the centre of Shrivenham. Our ‘asking price’ offer was declined we were told as it was not as competitive as some of the other offers received.  Although this is deeply disappointing to us we need to continue with our current momentum and keep searching.

The Ask

Please be aware we are continuing to actively pursue opportunities within our limited financial means. Please understand the limitations our current building puts on how you can interact with us and what we are able to offer.

If you have any ideas we would welcome them!  Please visit our website if you would like more information, to contact us or to see our offer letter for the Primary School.

Elm Tree Surgery