Elm Tree Surgery

Mrs Theresa Moynihan

Hi, my name is Theresa Moynihan, and I am the Health and Wellbeing Coach for Brunel 1.  I have a background in Behaviour Change Coaching, and I am a qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and Mental Health First Aider the latter of which can come in handy because more often than not, poor mental health is a factor of weight gain.  Prior to joining Brunel 1, I was a Social Prescriber.  I have a personal interest in nutrition, and I like to keep abreast of the latest science on the subject.  As someone who has always enjoyed being physically active, I like to highlight the health benefits with patients.

As the Health and Wellbeing Coach I have been employed by the PCN to specifically use health and behaviour change coaching skills for weight management support.   This is specifically focused on patients that are on the Obesity Register with a BMI of over 30 (Black, Asian and ethnic minority 27.5).  There are several pathways of support to explore, and these are dependent on whether a patient has co-morbidities, such as diabetes and hypertension and a patient’s ability to engage with on-line resources. I can also offer 1-2-1 sessions for a limited period as an additional option.   Since January I have been running virtual groups on TEAMS which enables me to support more people at a time.   If you speak to any patients who express an interest in losing weight, please task me.  Finding people willing to/wanting to engage is key to changing behaviours.