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Batch prescriptions

Batch prescriptions allow patients who are on long-term repeat prescriptions of stable, regular medication to receive their medicines more easily.

Your GP may prescribe your medication for 6 months or 12 months ,  you can then pick up the medication directly from the same pharmacy of your choice every 28 days.

Batch prescriptions are ideal for patients on uncomplicated repeats such as levothyroxine or medication for other conditions such as high cholesterol and hypertension.

Batch prescriptions are not suitable for medication whose dose may vary, such as warfarin, or for “as required” medicines such as pain-killers, asthma reliever inhalers such as Ventolin, and migraine tablets, or when the medicine will not last exactly 28 days, such as most eye drops.

PLEASE NOTE that many patients will have some medicines which are suitable for batch prescribing, and some which are not. Those which are not suitable must be ordered in the usual way by requesting each individual repeat before it runs out. This can be by contacting the dispensary online (please ask for details), by post, by leaving your request form in the surgery box, or by telephoning the dispensary on 784440 between 13.30 and 15.00 Monday to Friday.

Please let your doctor know if you want to start batch prescriptions, or wish to have items added or deleted.

Please let the receptions know or if you are not sure how to order any of your prescriptions.