Elm Tree Surgery

Online Access Explained

You are now able to order repeat medication and book appointments online using the surgery online system.

Please be aware that booking appointments online is only suitable for routine consultations with the doctor. It is not appropriate for vaccinations, blood tests, annual reviews or travel advice.

You can book an appointment with the GPs but not the nurses. Appointments with the nurses vary in length, depending on the procedure required, and therefore aren’t suitable to be booked online.
Online booking is available for appointments from 4 – 20 days ahead and only one appointment can be booked at a time.

The online system is not available for urgent appointments.

Please call the surgery if you wish to book anything other than a routine consultation with the doctor or if you are unsure whether online appointment booking is suitable.

Please note: Before you are able to use this service you must first have access to your personal registration information.


To obtain your registration information:
Come to the Surgery and ask at Reception for details of how to register for System Online. You will be given a letter with your own unique registration details. Then follow the simple instructions below.


Click on: https://systmonline.tpp-uk.com/2/SignUp and follow the log-on instructions. You will be asked to create an account.

You will be prompted for your personal login details, which will be on your registration letter, previously obtained from the Surgery.
You can then register and use our online service.

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 11th August, 2021