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Non-NHS services

DVLA Medicals

We’ve had several enquiries regarding DVLA medicals recently. In the interests of equality and consistency, we are currently not able to provide these as they are a private service and therefore have to take a lower priority until we are able to fully resume our NHS service provision.

As these do not have to be done by a GP practice, there are several other options to have these medicals completed:


Other non-NHS services

The following are examples of non-NHS services, which attract payment:

  • Medical Examinations – PSV/HGV licence, holiday cancellation insurance, fitness to attend private school, travel fitness.
  • Certificates – Freedom from infection, holiday cancellation insurance, seat belt exemption, shotgun licence, for sports regulatory bodies, travel fitness vaccination, private sick note. Carriage of medicines and sharps.
  • Forms – Diabetic driver insurance, Provident Association claim (e.g. BUPA, PPA), private sick note.
  • Reports – Accident/sickness insurance, Data Protection Act, employment medical, freedom from infection, holiday cancellation insurance.

A list of current charges is displayed in the waiting rooms. If the cost of the service you require is not shown, please ask at Reception.