Elm Tree Surgery

Research Individuals needed

Elm Tree Surgery is actively involved in research   This means we are part of studies that involve anonymised data being shared, which can inform the Department of Health regarding flu epidemics, prescribing information etc. Not only does this help us keep up to date it also means the quality of our work is constantly being monitored. It also means that our patients can be offered the opportunity to be involved in research studies that we support, which are approved by ethical committees ensuring they are appropriate and safe.

With this in mind The University of Birmingham and University Hospitals Trust Birmingham are seeking individuals with Parkinson’s disease who are either:
i) not yet taking medication
ii) taking ropinirole as part of their medications (also known as Requip, Repinex, Aimpart, Ippinia, Ralnea, Raponer, Ropilynz, Ropiqual and Spiroco)

If you would like more information on this paid study please read the information contained here:    Study Leaflet